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Softwave Therapy

At Denver South Chiropractic, we work hard to help patients overcome chronic and acute pain so that they may live more comfortably. We accomplish this by being on the cutting edge of the newest medical technology and offering a diverse selection of unique and highly effective solutions. We can treat ailments at the cellular level with SoftWave’s OrthoGold 100 device and trigger the body’s natural healing process to ease pain and inflammation. We’re excited to offer SoftWave therapy in Denver and can help you decide if it’s suitable for you.

What Is SoftWave?

The OrthoGold 100 is a cutting-edge shock wave device that pairs electrohydraulic spark gap technology with a proprietary parabolic reflector. To aid rapid healing, the reflector releases an unfocused or parallel sonic wave across a large (7 cm x 12 cm) area.

How Does It Work?

SoftWave treatment promotes rapid recovery in a variety of ways. To alleviate acute and chronic pain, it enhances blood flow, regulates inflammation, heals and regenerates tissue, and stimulates and activates stem cells. And because it achieves all of those things by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes, it doesn’t carry the hazards associated with prescription drugs and many other treatment types.

This amazing therapeutic method is absolutely non-invasive and does not require any numbing medications or anesthetics. Each treatment is brief but effective in providing long-term relief from a variety of painful conditions.

Treatment with SoftWave in Denver

If you believe that treatment with SoftWave could help ease your or a loved one’s pain, please contact Denver South Chiropractic right away. Our experts will assist you in determining whether this treatment option is right for your specific scenario. Contact us now for more information or to make an appointment with a top Denver chiropractor.


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