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Deep tissue massage is a form of massage therapy which focuses on the deep layers of muscle and fascia within the body. Often recommended by doctors, the deep finger pressure and firm strokes of deep tissue massage can be used to treat a variety of physical ailments.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage has a number of benefits and can be used to treat a number of ailments, including:

Chronic PainDeep Tissue Massage Denver

According to a study conducted by The University of Maryland Medical Center, deep tissue massage is more effective and more affordable than traditional medical remedies for treating chronic pain. Deep tissue massage increases blood flow throughout the body, decreasing pain-causing inflammation. It also helps to relieve muscle tension that often occurs as a side effect of chronic pain.

High Blood Pressure

Because deep tissue massage eases stress, it can also lower blood pressure. On average, people who had a deep tissue massage saw their systolic pressure drop by 10.4 mm Hg while the diastolic pressure dropped by an average of 5.3 mm Hg. Deep tissue massage also promotes the production of serotonin, the body‘s natural “feel good” hormone.

Muscle Injuries

Injured muscles can often be rehabilitated through deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage promotes healing by facilitating the movement of toxins away from the muscles and by stretching and relaxing tight and twisted muscle mass. It is commonly used to rehabilitate sports injuries, and it can even reduce pain.

Chronic Stress

Sufferers of chronic stress experience a number of physical side effects, including tight muscles, tension headaches and rigid shoulders. Fortunately, deep tissue massage provides relief from these symptoms. During a massage therapy, it is possible to relax and allow your body to heal. When you‘re feeling more revitalized and free from the physical symptoms, you will be more capable of handling whatever challenges you are facing.

Deep Tissue Massage in Denver

At Denver South Chiropractic, we are happy to offer deep tissue massage in Denver as one of our many Denver massage therapy services. To learn more about how you can benefit from deep tissue massage, please contact us today by calling 303-757-7272.

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