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Patient Testimonials

  • Nancy, Englewood

    Nancy, Englewood

    “I am writing this review about this great chiropractor in the Denver area because this Chiropractor is simply the best. This chiropractic office not only believes in making my neck pain go away, but additionally fixed the cause of my problem. I was amazed by the customer service I received there and how detail oriented my treatments were. I drove 2 hours to see him from Pueblo because he was a highly recommended chiropractor & got me the results that I wanted for my neck pain. Staff is really helpful, clinic is really clean and besides providing great treatments, Dr. Hitender has great bed side manner, which is refreshing.”

  • Brenda, Parker

    Brenda, Parker

    “I have had severe back pain & neck pain for several months that started after running in a Denver Marathon. I went to a physical therapy got some relief but all they made me do was exercises and stretches. I was told to strengthen my core, and we tried that for 8 months there with little relief. Then I was referred to Dr. H and he educated me on the spine like no other. He actually went over my exam results personally and told me about the changes I needed to make in my spine through chiropractic and wow he delivered. Not only did he get rid of my pain in 3 weeks he also re-aligned my spine close to normal and my x-rays showed it. I am really impressed and grateful for this wonderful chiropractor who really cares. I have never met any doctor that spends time educating a patient had has so much passion about his career. Thanks Dr. H”

  • David E., Cherry Creek

    David E., Cherry Creek

    “I went to Denver South Chiropractic from a referral from my personal injury attorney after being rear ended in a auto accident. I was having severe neck pain and thought from the headaches, my head was going to explode. I went to see this chiropractor and he work with me on a lien basis and with my attorney. Put me through a series of chiropractic treatments that over time not only fixed my neck pain but got rid of my headaches. I really liked how he was laid back, result orientated and most of all worked with my auto insurance claim…”

  • Daley, Denver

    Daley, Denver

    Dr. Hitender is an amazing Chiropractor. I started seeing him last year for headaches. I could hardly get out of bed when I started seeing him. With in two weeks of chiropractor adjustments (4 visits), I could function and my headaches were almost gone. Today I am 6 months pregnant, I don’t have headaches and if I ever come in with a weird pain he can always fix it. I don’t know what I would do with out him. I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy but he has made it 100 times better. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Doc for all your wonderful help!

  • Carolyn, Denver

    Carolyn, Denver

    I was having low back pain & numbness in my feet. I tried foot orthotics to physical therapy to a couple of other doctors in Denver area, and got no improvement. I about had it with my symptoms because they were just getting worse. Found Denver South Chiropractic online & went in for a consultation. I felt as if Dr. Hitender is a far superior doctor than any I had been to. He understood the mechanism of my problems and explained them to me in detail and had a very detailed & aggressive treatment regime for my pain. After 6 weeks, I am now 90% better. I can ride my horses again and joying the Colorado lifestyle, all thanks to this wonderful chiropractor. He is a miracle worker. Go see him.

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