What Is Good Posture?

Posture pertains to the position where you hold your body straight against gravity while you‘re lying down, sitting or standing. Good posture consists of teaching your body to walk, lie, sit and stand in positions where the slightest strain is put on the supporting ligaments and muscles during moving or weight-bearing actions.

To attain good posture you must have the following:Posture Correction Denver

  • Normal Joint Range of Motion. If your spinal joints are stiff, they must be loosened so you can attain good posture alignment.
  • Normal Muscle Length.  If you have tight muscles, attaining normal posture can be hard. You will have to relax and stretch your muscles.
  • Good Muscle Strength. Your muscles must be capable of pulling you into the right posture.
  • Excellent Muscle Endurance.  Your muscles must have the capability to work for long hours. Having poor endurance is a big factor in poor posture.
  • Normal Nerve Extensibility.  Yes, it‘s vital that your neural tissues must have sufficient length to allow for normal posture.
  • Good Spatial Awareness.  You must have an idea on where you are in space. If you aren‘t sure “how you must feel” with good posture, what do you expect in achieving it? This is where your physical therapist can give you visual and verbal advice. And they can help you at home with a postural brace or postural taping.
  • Perfect Posture Habits.  The most difficult part is the first change. After, you‘re just reinforcing the right habit, which will be your normal posture.

What must you do to have a better posture? Contact a chiropractor. Chiropractors have the knowledge in using exercise therapy in strengthening your muscles and help improve your body functions. Physiotherapy exercises and chiropractic adjustments have been proven scientifically as among one of the most effective means of enhancing posture.

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