Stay Comfortable with these Summer Roadtrip Sitting Tips

Whether you are hitting the road for a cross-country vacation or heading to a sports tournament, summer is here and it’s time for road trips. Most people feel sore or stiff after spending a long time right in a car, but there are ways to minimize your discomfort. Before you load up your vehicle and hit the road, check out these roadtrip sitting tips to discover how to stay comfortable on your way to summertime fun.

Summer Roadtrip Sitting Tips

roadtrip sitting tips

driving flickr photo by fo.ol shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

If you are driving, sit as close as to the steering wheel as safely possible. This reduces the amount of reaching you have to do while driving and can make the trip more comfortable. Whether you are a driver or passenger, make sure there is nothing in your back pockets to ensure that you’re sitting evenly.

Use a small pillow or rolled up towel to give your lower back some extra support and help it align with the seat. If you are going on an especially long trip, take frequent breaks to get out and move around.

Mind Your Posture

Poor posture in the car is one of the most common causes of pain and stiffness during and after road trips. Before you head out, make sure the seat and steering wheel are adjusted appropriately. When you’re driving, your arms should reach forward without your shoulders rising toward your ears. Grip the steering wheel lightly, and don’t allow your elbows to flare outward while driving.

When you take breaks, get out and do some stretching. Stretch your back and neck muscles to prevent soreness and stiffness later.

Taking these tips into consideration is a good way to prevent injuries and soreness during long summer drives. If you are feeling discomfort following a long drive, however, please do not hesitate to contact our office. To schedule an appointment, please call 303-757-7280.