Maximizing Your Chiropractic Experience

Maximizing Your Chiropractic Experience in Denver

Back pain  – the very words can send a chill down your spine. What many people hear these words, their first thought is “chiropractor”. Whether they’re personally used a chiropractor in the past or know someone who has, the think of a chiropractor as someone who can treat back pain.
Chiropractic treatment has been clinically proven to reduce the signs, symptoms and underlying spinal causes of lower back pain.  However, a Doctor of Chiropractic can also provide you with additional services to help ensure a lifetime of good health and wellness. Weight loss, exercise plans, posture improvement and nutrition are just a few of the things chiropractors offer to help you on your path to overall better health. Many chiropractors have chosen to specialize in certain branches of health that  they are passionate about, and they have invested additional years of education to become the best in that particular area. Specialty examples include  pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine and nutrition. Continue reading for some helpful tips that will help you maximize the benefits of your chiropractic experience for lifetime health.

The most important step in  maximizing your experience is choosing the chiropractor that best suits your individual needs. When  looking for a chiropractor, ask your primary care physician or spine specialist for the names of chiropractors they recommend and work with personally. Asking friends, co-workers and neighbors for  recommendations  is also advised.

Not all chiropractors offer the same services or have the same skills and level of expertise. Find the doctor that offers the services you need and is experienced with the problem you are experiencing. Also, take into considering his or her treatment style, and choose one that makes you feel comfortable. There are several important questions you need to ask:

Is the chiropractor courteous? Does he  truly listen a to your situation? Does the chiropractor clearly  answer all your questions? Do you feel rushed during the initial evaluation or the  first several treatments? Are you  comfortable talking with the chiropractor? Choosing  any health care professional for treatment must  be done with care. Call our advanced Chiropractic office to get a  complimentary chiropractic consultation, so we may answer any of your health questions.

Most chiropractors have  equipment that can help improve your quality of life and make  activities of daily living, such as bending, lifting, twisting, exercising, sleeping, etc., easier. Talk to  your chiropractor about spinal support belts that  help when lifting objects or working on your feet for long hours. Orthotic foot supports are very common in most  chiropractic offices, and they are an affordable  way to relieve  sore feet, achy muscles, and fatigued lower backs. Braces and wraps can are commonly used for  knee and elbow pain. Most chiropractors  offer hot or cold packs for home use and topical analgesic pain relief lotions that are much more effective than over the counter products. These options are an effective way  to maximize your progress. If your chiropractor hasn’t offered them to you, ask him  to order some for you or suggest  selling them to patients. Many insurance companies cover the expense of these products in conjunction with  rehabilitation programs  from your  Denver chiropractor.

Dietary and nutritional supplements are common in  many chiropractic offices. Extra weight on your body puts additional stress on your spine. This  makes you biomechanically more prone  to injury and puts you at greater risk for health problems  and emotional distress. Starting a weight loss program under the supervision of a healthcare professional enhances safety and improves your chances of  long term success. Ask your doctor about nutritional supplements that may help you reach  your goal. Even  f your doctor does not carry supplements, ask their advice. Schedule a consultation with your chiropractor to discuss exercises and supplements that are safe and beneficial for your individual condition.

Chiropractors  are experts at analyzing  posture  and how it relates to  spinal problems. A doctor of chiropractic searches detects  problems that exist underneath poor posture and understand its effect on your quality of life. By analyzing spinal alignment and curvature, the doctor searches for problems that contribute to the postural pattern and develops a strategy for correction. Outward muscular postural changes  lead  to changes in spinal and nervous system function. Your brain must adapt to these altered posture patterns which leads to chronic movement dysfunctions and increases  the likelihood of future injury. Based on your individual needs, your chiropractor will  design a program of correction to improve your posture. Targeted exercises are often recommended  to optimize muscular efficiency so you are less prone to fatigue.  Poor posture  leads to inefficient movement patterns which increase muscular fatigue, decreases endurance and stresses the energy systems of your body. In essence you are tired and achy all the time, which does not bode well for exercise. Poor energy systems decrease your metabolic rate, increasing your chances of storing excess  body fat. Decreased metabolic rate means your body cannot maximize burning fat for fuel so it stays right where you don’t want it; hips, thighs and belly. It is a vicious cycle that builds over time. The lesson here is that posture and weight control go hand in hand.

Working with your  Doctor of Chiropractic  is the perfect solution to help with your long term goals.You may be surprised to learn more much more they can help with than just back pain.

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