How to Improve Back Health

Back pain is one of the most common problems we treat. It can occur for countless reasons, and treating it isn’t always easy. At Denver South Chiropractic, back pain treatment is one of our specialties, but there is only so much we can do during the short time you spend with us. Improving the overall health of your back and spine is largely your responsibility. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your back healthier. Keep reading to learn how to improve back health and enjoy a life free from pain.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

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Poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain, especially among people who work in front of a computer. Pay close attention to your posture, and remind yourself to sit up straight or stand tall during the day. Improving your posture goes a long way toward maintaining a healthy spine and avoiding pain in your back and neck.

Take Your Vitamins

Certain vitamins are known to improve spinal strength and stability. According to Harvard Medical School, calcium and vitamin D are the “keys to strong bones.”

Drink Plenty of Water

When you are born, the discs in your spine contain 80% water. In order to ensure that they are able to work like they should, it’s important to drink plenty of water.

Stay Active

If you spend a lot of time sitting, you’ll likely start experiencing pain in your back. Getting up and being active helps keep your back in motion and prevent pain. Even if you do not engage in a regular exercise program, take time to get and move several times throughout the day.

Let Go of Your Ego

There’s no shame in asking for help when you need to lift something that’s too heavy. Lifting heavy or awkward objects without assistance means risking back injuries that could cause lifelong pain. If you need help, just ask!

See Your Chiropractor Regularly

Chiropractic adjustments are extremely beneficial, even if you don’t have a problem. Having your spine adjusted periodically ensures that everything is in proper alignment and helps prevent future problems. If it’s been a while since your last adjustment, contact Denver South Chiropractic today!