Denver Chiropractor Discusses Neck Pain

Do you suffer from Neck pain?

Do you know if you are making it worse with your daily activities? Do you know the root cause of your neck pain? Have you done something about your Neck pain? Have you tried several therapies and still continue to have Neck pain?

Your body is very powerful and smart. If you take care of it, it takes care of you. If you don’t treat it right, it will give you signals, often showing up as pain syndromes. This is good! You read correctly. This IS good! You ask, how can neck pain be good for me? Let’s look at some possibilities.

Help For Neck Pain

How is your sleeping posture? Do you sleep in your back, side or on your stomach? Any one of these sleeping positions may lead to Neck pain. If you sleep on your back, it’s generally accepted as the best position for your spine, provided that your mattress is decent mattress and you have a good pillow, which is the right firmness and not too high or too low.

Sleeping on your side can be complicated. Unless your bed is molded to the shape of the side of your legs, body, neck and head, you are likely going to stress your spine. Face down is the worse of all options. Unless you have a hole in the mattress to breathe, you are forced to turn you head sideways, so you can breathe. Ouch! Right now, turn your head as far as you can, and see how much it hurts after just a few minutes. This may cause your neck pain.

Another common cause of neck pain is how you sit at your computer. Having your keyboard and monitor at the appropriate height is very important. In addition, your head and neck position may cause pain? It is likely you are letting your head slip forward, making the muscles of your neck work harder to keep your head on top. Thus causing you neck pain.

What else do you do regularly to cause neck pain? If you could only watch all your movements and neck positions throughout your day, you would see clearly why your neck is shouting for attention. Count yourself lucky to feel your neck pain, so you can respond by changing your habits.

What can a Chiropractor do to Fix your Neck pain?

One has to become more aware of daily habits. Changing these habits is critical to having neck pain relief. However, this alone is often not enough to settle your pain. Chiropractors are  extensively trained to make your cervical spine function properly, with a focus on optimizing your nerve system function.

After a careful and thorough spinal assessment & examination, your Chiropractor will make appropriate Chiropractic treatment recommendations along with a home exercise and posture education to help prevent future neck pain.

If you are sick and tired of having neck pain, Call your Denver chiropractor  today for a Free Consultation for Denver neck pain relief with the Chiropractor at 303-757-7272.