Denver Car Accident Injury Specialist

Denver Car Accident Injury Specialists

How To Know if Denver South Chiropractic & Rehab is the Right Place for You after an Accident:

“¢ You have been recently injured in a car accident
“¢ You need a experienced Doctor to examine you, who is an expert in injuries people get from car accidents
“¢ You need physical therapy but want the confidence that your care will be provided by a Doctor that specializes in those injuries
“¢ You live or work in Denver metro area
“¢ You need to be seen within the next 24 hours of the accident
“¢ You want an Expert that will help you manage your care and your case from start to finish
“¢ You need to work with a Clinic that will accept Auto accident lien, Med-Pay, or third party claims

About Denver South Chiropractic & Rehab

Our Denver Chiropractic office   specializes in the Care and case management of traumatic injuries, like those people get in Motor vehicle accidents.

We provide Advanced Chiropractic treatments, Spinal Rehab, Physical Therapy and have On-site Digital X-Rays at our Denver Clinic

Our healthcare professionals are experts in the care of whiplash injuries. This means that all we treat, day in and day out, are injuries just like yours. You can have the confidence knowing that your healthcare team has decades of experience treating and managing cases just like yours.

We take liens and will work directly with your attorney during all phases of your care.

If you have been injured in a Car accident and need care, give your Denver chiropractor  a call at 303-757-7272 for a Free Consultation