Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain

Our shoulder is the largest and most movable joint in the body. It‘s composed of vital bones that support mobility, including the shoulder blade, upper arm bone, and collarbone. Many structures in the shoulder help the joint to support a broad range of motion. The rotator cuff, for example, allows for better mobility. The tendons and muscles are protected by the bursa or a sack of fluid that ensures the joint structure is in good condition.

However, there are instances in which a patient experiences shoulder pain after intense physical activity, especially sports that include moving the shoulder joint frequently than they are normally used. Falls, car accidents, frequent slouching, arthritis, and frozen shoulder can lead to shoulder pain.

Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain

For those who favor non-invasive means of treating shoulder pain, chiropractic is an excellent option.

How is it done?Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain

  1. During the initial consultation with your Denver chiropractor, you will need to undergo assessment and evaluation of your condition. For example, your therapist will ask you about the pain, which part is it located, the amount of time you have experienced the pain, and the activities that aggravate the pain.
  2. Apart from assessing your medical condition with questions, your shoulder‘s strength and quality of motion will also be checked; also the neck‘s posture and range of motion will be checked, as well as aggravating factors and what helps relieve it.
  3. After evaluating the results of the tests, treatment will begin with the use of personalized techniques and exercise programs that will aid in improving the condition of the patient.

With the benefits chiropractic treatment has to offer to shoulder pain, it makes sense that it is a great alternative answer to help you with your problem. However, just make sure that you work with an experienced and knowledgeable Denver chiropractor who concentrates, in particular, conditions affecting the shoulder.

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