Arthritis and Hip Pain Relief Center in Denver, Colorado

Your pain ends here.

Dr. Hitender Sabharwal, a  Denver Chiropractor,  provides state of the art Spinal Correction and arthritis and hip pain relief using the industry leading technology to achieve optimum health goals.  If you‘re suffering with hip pain or any form of arthritic pain relief is now possible without resorting to invasive hip replacement or becoming dependant on drugs to manage your pain.

Spinal correction  provided at Denver South Chiropractic & Rehab is completely non-invasive and pain free.  Treatments received at our Denver office have shown to dramatically reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and significantly speed up tissue healing time.  Arthritis and Hip Pain are extremely common and painful conditions and we see them present to our office very commonly.

If this joint begins to lose stability, as with any joint, the amount of friction produced every time you walk increases.  Over time this can lead to degenerative change known as osteoarthritis with usually results from repetitive stress.  If the biomechanics are not corrected this process will continue to wear down the joint surfaces.

If arthritis progresses it begins to erode the joint surface, wear down the cartilage and diminish the joint space.  This is like your joints rusting away.  The weight bearing surfaces of the joint become rough and easily irritated upon movement across that joint surface.  If you try to engage or stabilize that joint by contracting muscles that act across it, will illicit pain upon movement.

If the arthritis is bad enough it will cause pain even at rest.  Alleviating the  pain and inflammation  is done very quickly and efficiently with advanced chiropractic treatments in our Denver Chiropractic office.

However, if there are biomechanical issues that are contributing to this mechanical breakdown as in osteoarthritis it‘s imperative that they be corrected otherwise the inflammatory process will begin again.

If you‘re suffering with hip pain or arthritis related pain in the Denver metro area, Denver South Chiropractic & Rehab invites you to contact our office to determine if you may benefit from our treatment for arthritis hip pain relief in Denver, Colorado. Call us today for a  free chiropractic consultation  at (303) 757-7272.