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Today‘s busy lifestyles cause unhealthy amounts of stress hormones to build up in the body. Traffic jams, work deadlines, relationship problems, financial struggles and other issues cause the body to produce stress hormones that can lead to  a number of physical problems. Headaches, insomnia, digestive issues and aches and pains can all occur as the result of excess stress hormones.Denver Swedish Massage

Through Swedish massage therapy, it is possible to decrease the level of stress hormones in the body, leaving patients feeling relaxed and revitalized. The techniques used  during a Swedish massage trigger changes in the chemistry of the brain, resulting in an improved mood, decreased stress and relief from stress-induced physical ailments.

Swedish Massage Benefits

During a Swedish massage, you will lie on a table in a peaceful, quiet environment. Dim lighting and soft music may be used to add to the relaxing atmosphere and allow you to let go of your stress. Your massage therapist will apply gentle pressure to your body to smoothly manipulate your muscle tissue. This rubbing and kneading of the outer tissue layers of your body promotes physical and mental relaxation.

Often called “relaxation massage,” one of the primary benefits of Swedish massage is stress relief. Studies have shown that just an hour with a qualified massage therapist can drastically reduce stress by decreasing the heart rate and decreasing levels of cortisol and insulin.

Massage therapy is also effective in improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure and improving body function. The techniques used in Swedish massage allow blood to flow more freely through congested areas. As the muscles are gently manipulated, lactic acid is flushed away, resulting in improved lymphatic system function.

As massage lowers your blood pressure, it also lowers your risk of experiencing depression, anxiety and feelings of hostility. Lower blood pressure also means less risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Finally, a Swedish massage can ease the muscle soreness caused by stress. Your therapist can effectively remove tension from your body and improve your flexibility. The increased blood flow brought on by massage also delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, resulting in decreased inflammation and pain.

Swedish Massage in Denver

For a relaxing Swedish massage in Denver, look no further than Denver South Chiropractic. Our massage therapists are highly trained and can provide the relaxation and stress relief you need. To learn more about our Denver massage therapy services or to schedule your appointment, please call 303-757-7272 today.

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