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Scoliosis Treatment Testimonial




Kim P., Denver
I was referred to Dr. Hitender for his specialty in scoliosis. I had no idea how bad my scoliosis had gotten and I found out I was 4 degrees away from spinal surgery. Dr. Hitender assured me that we could stay far away from spinal surgery and we’ve done just that! He is an amazing person with a heck of a sense of humor! I love the staff and the fact that they know everyone by name. It’s a breeze to set up an appointment and get in and out, all the while feeling very well taken care of and heard. This place becomes a family and you feel as if you have truly been taken care of. We started at 46° and are down to 21°. I have all the support in the world from my chiropractic family and i recommend them higher than I’ve ever recommended anyone. There is no need to hesitate contacting them, they are truly one of a kind. Forever thanks! ❤
Mia F., Denver
I was in a car accident and had no idea how serious my injury was. Dr. Hitender knew his practice so well that when he got the results of my MRI, he called my lawyer immediately who got me in contact with a spine surgeon. Dr. Hitender most likely saved my life.
Dominique S, Aurora
My experience at Denver South chiropractic and rehab has been awesome so far. Every single person that works there treats u like u are important and I appreciate that.Thank you Dr. Hitender, you and your wife are fabulous people. You take great care of me. I would recommend this rehab to anyone with problems.
Marie L, Denver
I’ve been going to Denver South Chiropractic & Rehab for six months now for severe scoliosis. The staff is exceptionally kind and make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Hitender is the best Chiropractor I’ve had in all my years of suffering from scoliosis. His methods of treatment are fantastic and truly healing. I’m really excited that he was able to show me 31 degree curve reduction in my x-rays after a year of treatments! I’m in less pain and feel a lot more strait already! Definitely recommend this clinic for Scoliosis treatment.

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