What to Expect When You Begin Chiropractic Treatment

Once you‘ve made the decision to see a chiropractor, you are well on your way to relief from your back pain, neck pain, scoliosis or other problems. This is a brief guide on what to expect when you start seeing a chiropractor for the first time.

Spinal Exam

The first and most important part of your initial visit to a chiropractor is the spinal exam. During this exam, your Denver chiropactor 80222chiropractor will spend roughly an hour working to determine the exact cause of your problem. In addition to gathering a detailed description of the problem and your medical history, your doctor will also perform a thorough orthopedic and neurological evaluation.

Specialized spinal exams, including posture analysis, gait analysis, and other tests, may also be utilized to reach an accurate diagnosis.

You should also expect therapeutic treatment during your first appointment to improve your comfort. You may receive spinal manipulation, and you will be provided with information on home exercises and the application of heat or ice as needed.

After the First Appointment

After your first chiropractic appointment, your chiropractor will analyze the results of the spinal exam and any tests that may have been performed, such as X-rays. With this information, he will create an individualized chiropractic treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will likely include 2-4 weeks of intensive initial care so you can start feeling better as quickly as possible. This is followed by the rehabilitative phase of care, which provides long-term correction of the condition once symptoms have been alleviated. This phase may last several weeks or even months.

Once your problem has been corrective, you may want to consider ongoing wellness care. Wellness checkups help you maintain the improvements that have been made, and they also allow your chiropractor to detect minor issues before they turn into major problems.

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