Staying Healthy During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for festive holiday parties and family get togethers. Though fun, the holiday season derails countless healthy lifestyles. Between sugary sweets, high-calorie cocktails and fatty foods, it‘s easy to pack on the pounds at this time of year. While making healthy choices when facing delicious appetizer trays or a gorgeous dessert table, a little planning can help you stay on track and avoid overeating this holiday season.

Eat at HomeStay Healthy During the Holidays

Before you head out to a party, have a healthy meal at home. Going to a party on an empty stomach is a lot like grocery shopping on an empty stomach. When you‘re hungry, you‘re less likely to make good decisions. Whether you have a full meal before heading out or a healthy but filling snack, like apples and peanut butter or yogurt, you‘ll be much more likely to make healthy decisions at your destination if you aren‘t hungry.

Drink Lots of Water

You already know that water is the best thing you can possibly drink for your health, but filling up on water can also help prevent overeating. Before piling up your plate, drink a glass of water, and see how you feel.

Also, drinking water with your meal instead of alcohol or sugary sodas drastically cuts back your calorie intake for the meal. Swapping your wine glass for a water glass also means that you will be less likely to impulsively make poor nutritional decisions.

Use a Small Plate

Research has proven that your perception of portion size can be altered by plate size. On a large plate, portions look smaller, and you‘re likely to eat more. Small plates, on the other hand, look full with less food, and the portions look larger. Simply using a small plate instead of a large one can “trick” your brain into thinking you‘re eating more than you really are.

Make Time for Fitness

The holiday season is incredibly busy, but just making time to keep up with your normal exercise routine will help you stay on track and avoid major weight gain. While holiday travels may make it difficult for you to make it to the gym, you can still get in your daily workout by playing a likely game of backyard football with the family or going sledding. No matter how you do it, take time to get up and move this holiday season rather than spending it on the couch.

Parties and get togethers don‘t have to destroy a healthy lifestyle. While indulging in a few of your favorite holiday treats is fine, it‘s important to take steps to avoid overindulging.

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