The Most Common Condition a Chiropractor Sees

As a practicing  Chiropractor in Denver Colorado, the majority of my time is spent treating  low back pain. Here are a few facts about back pain in the United States:

Back pain treatment

“¢ Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on treatment for low back pain.

“¢ One half of all Americans will experience some form of back pain this year.

“¢ It is the second most common reason for doctor‘s visits.

“¢ Major studies have shown chiropractic to be the most effective form of treatment in most cases.

I have been a  Chiropractor in Denver, Colorado since 2004 and have seen thousands of cases of low back pain. These cases range from simple localized low back pain to severe radiating low back pain. Some of the severe cases only responded to chiropractic treatment after exhausting all other types including surgery.

There are a few important  things to remember about low back pain and when to seek chiropractic or medical evaluations:

“¢ If there is any  pain radiation into the buttocks, hips, leg or feet.

“¢ If it lasts more than a couple of days or gets progressively worse.

“¢ If you experience and urinary issues with low back pain.

“¢ If you experience a fever with low back pain.

This article is not meant to replace proper professional evaluation for Low Back Pain. I cannot stress strongly enough how important proper evaluation is. If you live in Denver, Colorado and are looking for chiropractor or even a medical doctor that treats low back pain, I will be more than happy to help you find the appropriate specialist.

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