Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Denver Back PainAt some point, everyone experiences back pain. Whether you’re feeling pain in your upper, lower or middle back, you’re likely feeling discomfort, and you may be having trouble getting through your normal daily activities. While taking a pill may provide temporary relief, it won’t help you get to the bottom of the problem. Even doctors have trouble pinpointing the exact cause of back pain, and  statistics show that doctors can’t pinpoint the actual cause for up to  85% of back problems.

If you are part of the 80% of the population that frequently  suffers from back pain, it is time to figure out  why you are experiencing  such pain and whether there is anything you can do to ease or eliminate the  pain. Below are four  of the most common causes of back pain and are all well-worth considering  if you are serious about improving your condition.

The Computer Screen

On average, we spent nine hours of a day in front of a computer screen. Most of those hours are not spent sitting  in an ergonomic chair, and most people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer do not pay attention to their posture. Recent studies have  even proven  that tablets and smartphones are causing an even bigger problem  because of  how  we hold them and amount of time we spend using  them. Sitting too much, and especially in the wrong position puts excess  pressure on discs and vertebrae  and can lead to back pain.

Our Core

Our core consists  of the back, side, pelvic and butt muscles, all of which work together with  the abdominal muscles. These muscles allow us to sit, rotate and stand up straight, and they form a complicated support system  that supports all the movements our bodies make.  Without regular exercise, these essential muscles can become weak, contributing to pain in the back

Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your stomach is a cause of back pain that can be extremely difficult to identify or change. Sleeping on your stomach puts more pressure on your joints and muscles than other sleeping positions, which can lead to back problems. If you unable to sleep on your back, try placing  a pillow under your hips to alleviate pressure placed on the discs, ligaments and muscles. The size of your mattress also plays a role in whether you may  suffer from back pain due to sleep. Opt for a medium-sized mattress  that is not too hard or too soft to  keep your head in line with your spine throughout the night.

Your Shoes

Everyone knows that shoes that are too high, such as stilettos, or shoes that are too flat and have little support, are not good for our feet or back. However,  even a sensible, anatomic shoe can sometimes cause back pain.  If your shoes are old and worn out, they can change the way you walk  and lead to back pain.

These are only a few of the many potential causes for back pain. Smoking, stress and depression, and of course, shoulder bags and bras in women can all contribute to back pain. Your normal routine and daily tasks can be wearing you out and causing excruciating pain. If you are experiencing back pain, your best choice is seeking chiropractic help. Your Denver chiropractor can relieve your pain and eliminate underlying issues  in no time through targeted therapy. A chiropractor can also  provide you with helpful advice on how to live a healthier and fitter life to ensure that the  pain never returns again.

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