Should I See a Chiropractor for Knee Pain?

If you are experiencing any kind of knee pain, your physician may suggest chiropractic treatment, which can aid in reducing the pain, recover function, bring back strength and make daily tasks easier for you. Many of such can be accomplished through a number of chiropractic adjustments.

What to Expect  When You See a Chiropractor for Knee PainChiropractor for Knee Pain

If your doctor refers you to a Denver chiropractor for your knee pain, the first visit is essential to making sure there are proper diagnosis and proper management. In the initial visit, your chiropractor will ask you a few questions to collect information on the history of your knee problems, about the factors that aggravate and relieve the pain and about certain past medical history that contributes to the whole problem. From the information during the history taking, a focused analysis will then be conducted. The examination may involve a number of sections with includes but not limited to:

  • Gait evaluation. This is an assessment of how a person walks.
  • This pertains to the use of hands in touching various parts of the knee to feel for any abnormalities or to check if a part of the knee is painful to touch.
  • The range of motion measurements.  Refers to the capability of the knee when it comes to bending and straightening.
  • Strength measurements.  There are a lot of muscular attachments all over the knee and measuring the strength can aid in knowing if muscular imbalance or weakness is the cause of the pain.
  • Girth or swelling measurements.   Physical therapists can also measure the swelling to aid in planning
  • Special tests.  Special tests are certain maneuvers done around the knees to help identify which part is at fault and is causing the problem.

After completing a focused examination, your chiropractor is going to work for you to start with the right treatment. It‘s vital for you to be active and involved in the treatment program.

Don’t suffer from knee pain any longer. When you see a chiropractor for knee pain, you can get the relief you need.  Call 303-757-7272 to schedule a consultation with a  Denver chiropractor at Denver South Chiropractic.