How Chiropractors Help with Headaches

Suffering from a headache  is  annoying. It is the most common complaint among 90% of Americans who had at least one headache attack in their life. Roughly 45 million people in the United States experience chronic headaches, causing billions of dollars in expense for treatment and also causing lost worker productivity each year, aside from decreasing the quality of life.

The upper cervical spine is considered as the complex part of the spine, anatomically and biochemically speaking. Headache ChiropracticDysfunction in this part is common and can cause headache. Although there‘s no particular treatment that can get rid of each headache, all types of headache can be treated. Chiropractic is  a form of treatment that doesn‘t involve medicines in getting rid of pain, brings back function, improves mobility and encourages healthy lifestyle modification for long-term benefits.

Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches

Chiropractic  treatment for headaches can aid in:

  • Reducing the quantity of medication taken for headache
  • Reducing total pain index
  • Lessening headache duration, frequency and severity
  • Increasing the range of motion of the neck

Headaches are categorized into primary headache and secondary headache. A primary headache happens if the headache is the disorder, and secondary headache happens as a product of another disorder such as infection, head injury, stroke or brain tumor.

The vital factor in making an effective treatment plan for people suffering from headache pain is by interview and physical examination. Evaluating the information based on the interview and examination lets the chiropractor  create a distinct and effective treatment plan, to treat particular headache disorder of every patient. Various methods of treatment are defined below:

  • Spinal manipulation – low amplitude, high-velocity soft tissue stretching in portion of the neck or upper back, which exhibit limited motion.
  • Neck mobilization – manual approach is utilized to move the neck joints gradually; sometimes coupled with muscle contraction to intensify effectiveness.
  • Strengthening – increases the muscle strength in the shoulder, neck, chest and upper back.
  • Stretching – increases the range of motion to tighten the muscles I the chest, upper back, and neck.
  • Posture education – helps develop total spinal posture, decreases stress and increases body awareness.
  • Exercise education – increases movement to develop normal mechanics and movement of the neck to reduce pain.

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