5 Ways to Manage Stress

The days have gotten shorter, and the temperatures are gradually dropping. Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away, and Christmas will be here before we know it. For many people, November marks the beginning of the most hectic time of the year, and when left unchecked, stress can put a real damper on the holiday season.

Stress doesn’t just cause emotional and psychological symptoms. Studies have linked it to increased physical pain and decreased immunity. While completely avoiding your stressors is likely impossible, there are several things you can do to manage your stress.

How to Manage Stress During the Holiday Season

Family gatherings, additional expenses and holiday plans make November and December stressful for many people. No matter how busy the season gets, take time to do these five things:

  1. Breathe deeply. When you’re facing a stressful situation, focus on breathing deeply. Slowly breathe in through your nose and out Stress Reliefthrough your mouth. Focus on each breath, and imagine blowing stress and anxiety away from your body.
  2. Get up and move. It’s easy to slack on exercise when you’re busy, but even a few minutes of exercise will improve your mood. Physical activity releases endorphins while easing muscle tension and soothing the aches and pains associated with stress and anxiety.
  3. Make time for yourself. Each day, give yourself some time to sit quietly, medicate, read a book, practice yoga or engage in any other relaxing activity you enjoy.
  4. Schedule time for fun. When your to-do list is a mile wrong and your schedule is jam packed, it’s hard to make time to have fun. Spending time with friends and loved ones doing something fun is a great way manage the effects of stress.
  5. Visit your chiropractor. Stress leads to muscle tension and spinal misalignments. Your chiropractor can correct these misalignments to reduce your pain and help your body function optimally.

Don’t let the stress of the next few months get you down. At Denver South Chiropractic, we can help. In addition to the best chiropractic services in Denver, we offer Denver massage therapy to help you relax. To learn more or schedule a complimentary consultation, please call 303-757-7272.