10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Chiropractic

  1. Pain is the Last Symptom of Dysfunction

Back PainA person‘s body movement is often limited for months or years before it becomes a problem and he or she take the step to visit a chiropractor. Medication may be a temporary solution;  however, muscle, ligament and joint injuries often are a result from past injuries making the area weaker and more vulnerable to future injury.

  1. Athletes Visit Chiropractors Too

Due to a chiropractor‘s ability to treat all areas of the body, athletes turn to their services for preventive and maintenance care. It is common for major athletes and sports teams to keep chiropractors nearby to help prevent injuries, speed up injury recovery and improve balance and coordination while giving them a greater competitive edge.

  1. The Body Functions as one via Nervous System

The nerves that travel through and control every function of the body originate at the spinal cord. Communication between nerves may be disrupted if the joints of the surrounding spinal column are not working properly. This disruption could be caused by a partial dislocation or a sprain somewhere in the body.

  1. Chiropractors Allow the Body to Heal Itself

A Denver chiropractor can help to restore proper motion in the joints, doing this can relieve tension on the nerves and muscles allowing the body to heal itself.

When there is a disruption in the body, it affects its ability to heal and defend against disease-causing agents. Chiropractor evaluate each patient to find out what is causing the problem and work with his or her body to restore proper communication ensuring everything can work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  1. Useful for All Ages

Many seniors are not aware of the benefits of chiropractic care. Not only can a chiropractor help with pain relief but it can also help with range of motion, balance, coordination and joint movement.

There is no patient too young for chiropractic care, either. Chiropractors can check infants after birth for misalignments that may occur during the birthing process. In some cases, parents also take their children to chiropractors to encourage healthy system development, assist with individualized problems and to assist with behavioral disorders.

  1. Nutrition and Lifestyle Knowledge

Many people are surprised to find out that chiropractors can also give advice on many different aspects of life from nutrition and fitness to lifestyle. When a chiropractor screens their patient, if they find something unrelated to their field and what they know they can refer him or her out to other practitioners. Chiropractors are able to help in multiple specialty problem areas.

  1. Successful Chiropractic Patients Accept Responsibility

In most cases, a patient doesn‘t acquire back pain overnight, which means it cannot be treated overnight. If the patient has a weak spine from years of sitting at work, which is causing added tension on joints, an adjustment can give some relief. This relief may be temporary and the patient may need to continue to visit the chiropractor. There are also some at-home exercises to build muscle and make the weaker parts of the body stronger.

  1. A Chiropractor Could Help You Stay Healthier

Studies have indicated that adjustments consistently reduce the production of pro-inflammatory mediators associated with tissue damage and pain. They may also help towards a healthy immune system. Looking as far back as the deadly flu pandemic of 1917-1918, chiropractors have noticed that patients seemed to have fewer fatalities than the general population. The estimated death rate among patients of conventional medical care in the U.S. was estimated at 5 to 6 percent while the fatality rate among influenza cases receiving spinal adjustments was estimated at 0.25 percent.

  1. “I Heard I‘ll Have to Go Forever” is a Myth

Once a patient starts going to the chiropractor, he or she may be inclined to go forever because of how great an adjustment feels. It is probably not necessary to visit as often or at all once the problem area has been fully adjusted.

After the initial pain is treated, it is recommended to return occasionally to make sure everything is still properly aligned. Many people choose to see a chiropractor weekly or monthly for wellness or maintenance care.

  1. Adjustments Do Not Hurt

A neck adjustment can sometimes cause anxiousness for many new patients, but is actually not as bad as they imagined. An adjustment involves a quick thrust to the spinal bone. The sound an adjustment makes is called a cavitation and is the rapid formation and collapse of vapor pockets, which creates the popping or cracking noise.


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