Simple Rules for Better Health

Breaking the Rules

The rules are simple. You probably already know them.

Turns out, the quality of your health depends on how well you abide by  a set of very simple rules. Follow  the rules, and you have the best chance for optimum health. Break the rules, and eventually, you‘ll end up paying for it.

Most people already actually know the rules. Whether they choose to abide by them or not is another matter. Here are 10 of the simplest rules to follow to ensure optimal health:

  • You need to  breathe. If you stop breathing, breathe in a shallow manner or inhale pollutants,  your health will suffer.
  • You shall ingest nutritious foods. Eating quality food is necessary  to ensure that you are getting  the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are needed to fuel, grow and repair the  body.
  • You must  expel wastes appropriately. What goes in, needs to  come out eventually. If it comes out too soon,  you‘ll suffer. If it takes too long to come out, you‘ll find yourself suffering  as well.
  • You need to stay hydrated. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. Replacing the water that is lost while facilitating crucial bodily functions is essential. You need  to drink enough fluids  that  you never feel thirsty.
  • You shall get up and move regularly. A sedentary lifestyle causes a number of health problems, including stagnation and poor circulation, and it hinders the function of the lymphatic system while muscle tone suffers.
  • You shall get plenty of rest. Your body requires  time to renew and repair itself. This largely happens  at night while you are enjoying restful sleep.
  • You must  adapt to your environment. Your nervous system orchestrates every  cell, tissue and process in your body. That is why seeking routine chiropractic care is crucial to to your health.
  • You need to  love. You are the product of love. Love your Maker. Love yourself. Love others. The more  love you give, the more you have.
  • You must  forgive.  Everyone makes mistakes, yourself included. You must learn to forgive others as you forgive yourself.
  • You will  die. Though many try to avoid it, death is inevitable. It is part of the plan, and someday, you must die.

There  is  one more rule —  If you feel inclined to look to the government, drug manufacturers, insurance companies or others to improve you health and your life as a whole, remember the 11th rule: You must  be responsible. Valuing your health and following the rules permits you to live a purposeful life. Life is a gift, and you are responsible for taking care of it. Follow these simple rules for better health, and you will find yourself enjoying it.